Why should I buy the LakeEze Dock Box over other storage options on the market?

• Aesthetic Integration: Unlike common dock boxes that can be eyesores, the LakeEze Dock Box is custom-made to seamlessly blend with your existing dock aesthetics.

• Material Superiority: While others use fiberglass and polyethylene, our dock box is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum and long-lasting PVC decking, ensuring unmatched durability and strength.

• Versatility: Beyond secure, 24 cubic feet of lockable storage, our dock box doubles as a comfortable seat. It’s designed for more than just stowing; it’s an extension of your dockside experience.

• Weather-Resistant Design: Water-resistant with drainage holes and a removable Sunbrella cushion cover, the LakeEze Dock Box stands up to the elements. Others may compromise on materials; we prioritize longevity and easy maintenance.

• Security: Equipped with a built-in padlock hasp, your belongings are not just stored but also protected. Traditional boxes may lack this added layer of security.

• Customer-Tested Comfort: Our dock box isn’t just for storage. A customer even found it comfortable enough to sleep on! It’s not just a storage box; it’s a versatile, reliable piece of outdoor furniture.

Choose the LakeEze Dock Box for a storage solution that goes beyond the ordinary – an embodiment of strength, style, and functionality for your dock.

What is the LakeEze Dock Box made of?

The LakeEze Dock Box frame is made out of high quality, heavy duty 6061 T6 custom aluminum profile. The decking is customizable, and we offer a range of synthetic PVC options. The cushion is upholstered in high-performance Sunbrella fabric to resist stains, fading, water, mold, and mildew. Overstuffed with soft, fast-drying polyfill, they’ll last summer after summer.

Is the LakeEze Dock Box waterproof?

The LakeEze Dock Box is not waterproof, but it was designed with waterfront living in mind. All materials are water-resistant, and the dock box also has four small holes drilled into the bottom of the frame to allow for any trapped water to drain. The Sunbrella cushion cover is removable and can be washed easily if desired.