Why should I buy the LakeEze Ladder over the conventional vertical ladder?

• At any age, it is significantly easier to get on these stair-step-designed ladders with wide/deep footing compared to vertical, small-rung ladders.

• Unlike the straight-up and down ladders, the gentle incline of the LakeEze Ladder allows many people who cannot climb a ladder but can manage stairs to access the water again. Everyone from small children to elderly individuals can use this ladder!

• Given its staircase design, the LakeEze Ladder has also made it possible for many people with varying disabilities to enjoy the water again.

• Most dogs love them, too, from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers!

• You only need one ladder for both people and pets.

• With the wide steps that create a stable sitting surface, you can enjoy sitting in the water or even standing on the ladder hands-free, resting instead of treading water.

• It makes it easier to board kayaks, canoes, jet skis, paddleboards, etc.

• Since the tread depth is larger than other ladders, the steps are much more comfortable on your feet.

• These ladders don’t swing under your dock like some conventional ladders do, making it more difficult to climb out.

Why should I buy the LakeEze Ladder over other sloped dock ladders on the market?

• LakeEze Ladders are made with high-quality aluminum profile. Other ladders are made with thin-walled tubing.

• To avoid flexing with the thin-walled tube, other ladders make the descent angle steeper, making it more of a climb out instead of walking out.

• LakeEze Ladder steps / treadplates are 11 ¾” deep compared to others similar ladders on the market that have a 6-8” depth. This makes for much more comfortable footing and sitting area.

• The LakeEze Ladder also has a taller handle height in comparison to other sloped ladders, making it easier to walk out of the water instead of having to climb out of the water.

• Where the LakeEze Ladder really blows other sloped ladders out of the water, is its ability to be lifted with minimal effort. It may be made out of high quality, heavy duty aluminum, but the EzePull technology allows for the ladder to be effortlessly lifted in and out of the water.

• See comparison chart for a comparison breakdown of the LakeEze Ladder with other comparable sloped ladders on the market.

Which version ladder will I need?

We offer both a 5-Step and a 6-Step LakeEze Ladder. To determine which version you need, measure the distance from the top of your dock to the water line.


What is the LakeEze Ladder made of?

The frames of the LakeEze Ladder is made with high-quality, heavy-duty 6061 T6 custom aluminum profile. The handrails are made with 6063 T5 custom aluminum profile. The steps are made of a high strength glass-filled nylon.

How heavy is the LakeEze Ladder? How hard is it to lift out of the water?

The LakeEze Ladder is made with heavy duty materials weighing in around 85-100 lbs, however, the EzePull technology allows for the ladder to be VERY easily lifted out of the water, with a pull force of around 40lbs for the 5-Step LakeEze Ladder and around 60lbs for the 6-Step LakeEze Ladder, making it considerably easier to lift than other sloped ladders or ladders made with steel and wood. The LakeEze Ladder steps are also perforated to reduce drag and allow the water to flow through them, rather than pull against, once again making lifting easier.

How long will the LakeEze Ladder last?

The LakeEze Ladder is built for life on the water and built to last and be enjoyed for years to come. The LakeEze Ladder has been load cycle tested 28,000+ times with no failures. The EzePull technology springs are rated for 10,000+ cycles, meaning that this ladder could be used by a family of 4 lifting the ladder several times a day for about 10 years without having to service. Given that the LakeEze Ladder is broken up into individual components, it can also be serviced and repaired easily if anything were to need replacing.

If you notice that your LakeEze Ladder is becoming more challenging to lift, there is a simple solution that might help. It could be as easy as re-greasing the springs within the spring housing assembly. We highly recommend performing routine maintenance to re-grease the springs regularly. This ensures that the spring-assisted lift assembly remains well-greased and functions properly.

You can easily purchase marine grease from most hardware and marine stores, which will be suitable for this task. By applying the appropriate marine grease, you can keep your ladder operating smoothly and efficiently, ensuring many more enjoyable experiences on the water.

Do I have to install the upper grab rails?

No. The upper grab rails are included in the purchase of the LakeEze Ladder, but are not required. They function as side hoops for additional stability when getting in and out of the water.

How do I clean my LakeEze Ladder?

If algae and dirt accumulate on your LakeEze Ladder, simply use a soft bristle brush and a mild detergent such as Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Do not use a wire brush pr any metal tool on your LakeEze Ladder.

Will algae grow on my ladder?

It will if left in the water for a period of time. One of the benefits of the LakeEze Ladder is that it is retractable, so it is recommended that if not in use, they be put in their upright position on the dock to avoid this.

Does the ladder rust?

All metals oxidize; however, unlike other metals, aluminum performs extremely well in water. When used in saltwater applications, it is highly recommended to remove from water when not in use since saltwater corrodes metals more quickly. The LakeEze Ladder’s aluminum ladder and handrail design with stainless steel hardware and brass nuts, are all rust-resistant when used correctly.

Should I leave the ladder in the water when not in use?

No. It is recommended that the ladder be left in the up position when not in use to prevent algae, barnacles, and dirt buildup. It will also prevent the ladder from being hit by a boat when the dock isn’t being monitored.

Will this ladder work for pets?

Yes! From small to large, most dogs LOVE this dock ladder. The LakeEze Ladder is truly ideal for ALL ages and furry friends.

How do I keep the ladder locked in place while it is in use?

The ladder operates with a spring assisted lift that requires the ladder to be locked in the down position when in use. Apply some weight to the ladder (step on the first or second step) to release the tension and insert the hitch pin through the slot in the latch plate. This will keep the ladder locked in the down position while in use. When you are ready to store the ladder back on the dock, again, apply weight to the ladder and pull the hitch pin out with the tether. You can then raise the ladder and store it in the up position.

How far does the LakeEze Ladder sit back on the dock?

The LakeEze Ladder sits back approximately 50” on the dock when in the up position. However, most of this depth is just the handrail portion. It is worth noting that while the ladder may sit back farther than other ladders on the market, it is only taking up this dock space when not in use. When you are on the dock, enjoying lake life, it will be in the water and not taking up much dock space.

How much weight is each ladder designed for?

When mounted securely and properly to the dock/pier structure, the 5-Step LakeEze Ladder will easily hold and support 350 lbs and the 6-Step LakeEze Ladder can easily hold and support 300 lbs.