Why should I buy the LakeEze Stow & Go over other kayak storage options on the market?

• At any age, it is significantly easier to access and store your kayak/canoe with our LakeEze Stow & Go system.

• There is not much else comparable on the market that not only provides a storage solution for kayaks/canoes, but also provides a system for easy launching like our LakeEze Stow & Go does.

• Given its hoop and step design, the LakeEze Stow & Go has also made it possible for many people with varying disabilities to enjoy kayaking again.

• It takes the hassle out of kayaking. With our LakeEze Stow & Go, you no longer have to lug your heavy kayaks in and out of the water. You simple lower the system into the water and use the large step and hoop for stability to enter and exit the system. When done using, it can be easily raised into the angled, storage position with the use of the winch.

Will my kayak/canoe fit?

The external hoop dimensions for the LakeEze Stow & Go are 40”x24”. The internal hoop dimensions are 36”x20” which will accommodate kayaks and canoes up to 36” wide and approximately 17 3/4” tall. We recommend measuring your kayak/canoe to make sure that the Stow & Go system will work for you.

How long will my LakeEze Stow & Go last?

The LakeEze Stow & Go is built for life on the water and built to last and be enjoyed for years to come. We have had many units installed on lakes all across the US for years with no issues.

Is there a way to lock my kayak/canoe in for security?

Yes! We suggest adding a bicycle lock and looping it through the kayak/canoe and LakeEze Stow & Go loop for additional security for your belongings. Note: the lock is not included in the purchase of the LakeEze Stow & Go, but can be easily added.

Does the LakeEze Stow & Go rust?

All metals oxidize; however, unlike other metals, aluminum performs extremely well in water. When used in saltwater applications, it is highly recommended to remove from water when not in use since saltwater corrodes metals more quickly. The LakeEze Stow & Go’s aluminum design with stainless steel hardware and brass nuts, are all rust-resistant when used correctly.

What is the size of the step and can I adjust where the step is?

The step is 21 1/2”x12” (width x depth) and can be adjusted up to 18” below the deck level and waterlines up to 26” below the deck level, in 1 1/2” increments. This step design allows for a steady platform for getting in and out of the kayak/canoe dockside.