How long will the LakeEze Ladder last?

The LakeEze Ladder is built for life on the water and built to last and be enjoyed for years to come. The LakeEze Ladder has been load cycle tested 28,000+ times with no failures. The EzePull technology springs are rated for 10,000+ cycles, meaning that this ladder could be used by a family of 4 lifting the ladder several times a day for about 10 years without having to service. Given that the LakeEze Ladder is broken up into individual components, it can also be serviced and repaired easily if anything were to need replacing.

If you notice that your LakeEze Ladder is becoming more challenging to lift, there is a simple solution that might help. It could be as easy as re-greasing the springs within the spring housing assembly. We highly recommend performing routine maintenance to re-grease the springs regularly. This ensures that the spring-assisted lift assembly remains well-greased and functions properly.

You can easily purchase marine grease from most hardware and marine stores, which will be suitable for this task. By applying the appropriate marine grease, you can keep your ladder operating smoothly and efficiently, ensuring many more enjoyable experiences on the water.