Why should I buy the LakeEze Ladder over other sloped dock ladders on the market?

• LakeEze Ladders are made with high-quality aluminum profile. Other ladders are made with thin-walled tubing.

• To avoid flexing with the thin-walled tube, other ladders make the descent angle steeper, making it more of a climb out instead of walking out.

• LakeEze Ladder steps / treadplates are 11 ¾” deep compared to others similar ladders on the market that have a 6-8” depth. This makes for much more comfortable footing and sitting area.

• The LakeEze Ladder also has a taller handle height in comparison to other sloped ladders, making it easier to walk out of the water instead of having to climb out of the water.

• Where the LakeEze Ladder really blows other sloped ladders out of the water, is its ability to be lifted with minimal effort. It may be made out of high quality, heavy duty aluminum, but the EzePull technology allows for the ladder to be effortlessly lifted in and out of the water.

• See comparison chart for a comparison breakdown of the LakeEze Ladder with other comparable sloped ladders on the market.