Why should I buy the LakeEze Ladder over the conventional vertical ladder?

• At any age, it is significantly easier to get on these stair-step-designed ladders with wide/deep footing compared to vertical, small-rung ladders.

• Unlike the straight-up and down ladders, the gentle incline of the LakeEze Ladder allows many people who cannot climb a ladder but can manage stairs to access the water again. Everyone from small children to elderly individuals can use this ladder!

• Given its staircase design, the LakeEze Ladder has also made it possible for many people with varying disabilities to enjoy the water again.

• Most dogs love them, too, from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers!

• You only need one ladder for both people and pets.

• With the wide steps that create a stable sitting surface, you can enjoy sitting in the water or even standing on the ladder hands-free, resting instead of treading water.

• It makes it easier to board kayaks, canoes, jet skis, paddleboards, etc.

• Since the tread depth is larger than other ladders, the steps are much more comfortable on your feet.

• These ladders don’t swing under your dock like some conventional ladders do, making it more difficult to climb out.