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Who We Are

Our entire family of LakeEze® accessories offers a growing list of innovative products and add-ons to suit your waterfront lifestyle and budget.

Innovative lake dock accessories are becoming increasingly popular among waterfront property owners as they seek to enhance their outdoor experience. From unique ladder options to advanced racks and more, there are a wide variety of accessories available to customize and improve the functionality of your dock. And that’s why we created our LakeEze line of products. These accessories not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the dock but also provide added convenience and enjoyment for those who use it.

Our dock accessory line brings innovation and ingenuity together with the highest quality dock solutions that are designed to perform. From patented products to first-to-market designs, our LakeEze line is and remains an industry leader across the country.



Innovative Dock Accessories

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Our Craftsmanship

Where ingenuity and innovation come together. Over three decades of experience and matched by our commitment to excellence.

We’re not just a supplier or the “middle man” for dock solutions. LakeEze® is owned and operated by Kroeger Marine, a family-owned and operated business that has excelled since 1985, offering unmatched experience and quality in dock design, boat dock building, and world-class dock accessories.

We’ve designed and incorporated a number of patented and first-to-market dock solutions like our LakeEze® Ladder®, Stow & Go®, Ramp Rack, Dock Box, and Swim Stool.

Our years of experience guarantees our position in offering the highest quality docks and docking solutions on the market, but we don’t stop there. Our team continues to develop best-in-class dock solutions for our customers by remaining the industry leader. We bring ingenuity and innovation together every time to deliver solutions designed to perform.